2.1.1. An IT environment that performs inadequately and is not aligned to business needs can result in high operational costs, inflexibility and poor resource utilization. Even if business needs are understood, the challenge is to translate them into operationally efficient solutions. This is where organizations often experience a big gap between their IT infrastructure strategy and the actual deployment, resulting in an increased cost base that can lead to costly remedial work and project overruns. Video Cubed — infrastructure architecture and design uses a structured methodology to help provide a framework that can bridge the gap between strategic intent and deployed infrastructure. The architecture and design phase of any IT project should provide an efficient method to produce an integrated solution while helping ensure alignment with your business and infra-structure strategy. We oversee the architecture and design activity to help ensure a successful integration into your IT environment.

Over time, your SAN and Storage requirements have grown in size and complexity. Because of skill or resource limitations, you may want Video Cubed’s assistance with implementing and/or migrating your IBM, Cisco or Brocade SAN and Storage devices. Video Cubed provides the SAN Storage Design and Implementation Service to help you get your SAN Storage environment up and running quickly.

Assistance in planning, configuration, migration and administrator training

Capacity Planning - Software and hardware selection and configuration

Performance Optimization, Testing, Verification and Disaster Recovery Planning

A SAN, Remote Data Storage, Remote Data Archiving, Remote Vaulting Services control book which documents your configuration and SOPs.

Private / Hybrid Implementation

The establishment of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as a viable, cost-effective, and scalable IT delivery model. As the adoption of public cloud resources has proven effective across a diverse set of use cases, organizations have begun looking inward to find ways to more effectively and efficiently use their existing compute, storage, and networking resources in a similar model. Need breeds options in any industry, and cloud computing is no exception. This desire for internal resource utilization has given rise to numerous private and hybrid cloud technologies that provide tools for on-demand provisioning of compute, storage, and networking resources above and beyond what was available previously in both classic and virtualized datacenters.

Public Cloud Solutions

It’s a whole new model in public cloud based infrastructure. Amazon was the initial leader with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which sells ultra-efficient data center capacity to anyone, sparing them the burden of having to mess with the equipment underneath. We’ve seen how that business model has taken off: $1.5 billion in revenue and market disruption that has IT departments rethinking their own data centers and enterprise IT vendors scrambling to come up with a strategy for the cloud. The public cloud is capable of unlocking unprecedented abilities for the enterprise. The result is that these applications can now respond to changing business conditions much more rapidly. A huge surge in transactions around a new hit product? No problem, add more horsepower. However the management and reporting tools are still in their infancy and as such require implementation of several to generate the right real time data to get the total picture. We work with you to analyze your business requirements including:

  • Asset and Vendor Management
  • Staging and Release Management
  • SLA drafting and analysis
  • Defining System Monitoring and Management Standards

Amazon AWS Integration Services